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A Sample of fine frames you will find at Vision Center Direct

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LINDBERG eyewear represents a beautiful example of Danish, minimalist design tradition- a completely revolutionary concept in luxury eyewear, with individualized titanium eyewear which can be special ordered in any combination. Titanium is lightweight, flexible and strong. and is simply twisted and bent into some of the lightest and most flexible frames in the world. Unnecessary details have been done away with and the frames are designed without screws, rivets or welds. All this makes the frames strong, deformation resistant and hypoallergenic-nickel free. Hygienic nose pads and temple covers made from medical silicone ensure that the frame stays in place, and a are extremely comfortable.Imagination has no limits with this hand crafted Danish eyewear collection. variety of colors, numerous style designs, the options of 2 other precious metals, 18 Carat gold and platinum, as well as Buffalo horn with the options of precious gems. Laser engraving is available on the inside of the temples for a personalized touch.
Lindberg Eyewear
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World-leading company in eyewear design, Ørgreen is famous for its inventive approach to design and innovative colour combinations, utilising over 400 different hues.

Designed and developed in Denmark, each frame is handmade in Japan, known and respected for its high standards and irrefutable quality.

A favourite of style-conscious consumers and celebrities alike. 
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Kirk Originals

Hailing from a line of optical geniuses, Brighton-based frame designers Jason and Karen Kirk have, for nearly 20 years, created eyewear that is all about self-expression and celebrating the individual. Since discovering a stash of glasses designed by his grandfather and great uncle from the 1950s and 1960s, Jason and wife Karen were inspired by the beautiful colours of the past – seeking to liven up the modern day glasses-wearer. Refusing to bow down to commercial pressure, Kirk Originals use bright colours, fluorescents and unique materials to stop eyewear being an afterthought and to make it an accessorising key to every outfit.
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Launched in 2007, the BARTON PERREIRA collection of eyewear immediately made a tremendous impact on the fashion industry.

Created by visionaries Bill Barton and Patty Perreira, the BARTON PERREIRA brand of luxury eyewear are handmade and use the finest materials in Japan. The BARTON PERREIRA frame is not mass produced, like most eyewear companies that have machines pumping out hundreds of thousands of eyewear into the market.

BARTON PERREIRA’s eyewear is handmade by skilled artisans, produced in limited quantities making each piece as exclusive and unique as the wearer.

Designed in-house and built from the ground up, each BARTON PERREIRA frame is a work of art.

Also, unique to BARTON PERREIRA are custom designed lens and plastic zyl colors offered in a pantone of colors that compliment all skin tones beautifully.

The most recognizable faces from the entertainment, fashion and music industry have embraced the BARTON PERREIRA collection. Angelina Jolie, Rachel Zoe, Heidi Klum, Jessica Biel, Orlando Bloom and Giovanni Ribisi are only a few of the faces that have worn our frames.
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At Gold & Wood workshops, passion and time drive the hands of the artisans who craft each component, one by one, in the purest tradition of exclusive eyewear. Because everything here is handmade, it takes three days to craft a pair of temples of such remarkable quality. Taking the time to do it well: There lies the expression of the luxury.

The naturalness of rare and exotic woods, the incomparable quality of buffalo horn from Asia or Africa, the originality of carbon fibre and the exceptional properties of titanium. All these magnificent materials enhance the inimitable style of Gold & wood frames.

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Theo Collection: a theo for everyday and for every day a theo. theo is playful, colourful, happy and comes with a little quirk. 

Eye-Witness by theo: the avant-garde collection of theo, designed by Patrick Hoet. The pair of glasses for trendsetters. The frames are often asymmetrical. 

Theo by Tim Van Steenbergen: theo’s sunglasses collection, designed by Tim Van Steenbergen. 

VinGtage collection: The first VinGtage series was produced to mark theo’s twenty years in business (vingt ans d’age = 20 years of age in French). When theo fell for the vintage look, it was clear from the start that the examples of old would serve as inspiration, not as a template. The aim is to decorate the whole face and not just to emphasise the eyes. 

theo loves you!
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VANNI. A breath of youthful fresh air wafting among the style vanguard of contemporary designer eyewear. For twenty years the brandname has represented Italian style and design to the world of eyewear. VANNI is a trend-setter of taste, an innovator in constructional technique and an unceasing pursuer of enhanced quality and comfort.
The curvature of a rim, the sheen of acetate, the cut of a metal strip, the smooth working of a hinge. Enthusiasm for the tiny detail that can spark off a major project. VANNI collections look beneath mere appearances to the deeper substance of materials, harmony among shapes, the power of colour.

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Francois Pinton

A True creator of fashion eyewear, François Pinton gave his name to the brand founded in 1932.
Known for supplying sunglasses to the rich and famous- Jacqueline Kennedy and Aristote Onassis were often seen in Pinton’s designs.

Today François Pinton designs eyewear and sunglasses of all styles that are smart, classic, and vintage.
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In 2001, brothers, Steve and Darren Rosenberg noticed that polarized eyewear as the world knew it had serious shortcomings in all available materials. They saw through the fancy names and marketing spin of the leading eyewear brands and realized that polarized eyewear could be pushed to a level never before seen. With their entrepreneurial drive and passion to evolve the world optically, they set out to create a new polarized lens material that would enable their customers to experience clarity and polarization like never before.
At the core of every Kaenon Polarized product is the patented SR-91 – the most advanced polarized lens on the planet. SR-91 is the only polarized lens that offers razor-sharp clarity, impact-protection, superior scratch-resistance and glare-reduction all in one ultra-lightweight lens. Kaenon’s proprietary
SR-91 lenses are also available in prescription.
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Eyewear designer Yves Cogan has been distributing his own name brand in France and abroad since 1994.
Each model, who's design is the result of careful research, is launched only
when the product, the the concept, the forms and the colors have reached their full potential.
Thus, his creation proves a true alternative and a truly different choice on the market.
The lable "made in France" is an integral part of Cogan products, guaranteeing both authenticity and quality for clients.
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With the spirit of Aloha, Maui Jim sunglasses are inspired by earth, wind, fire, and water.
Unmatched technology in polarization provides the best in visual clarity and comfort. With many styles available in prescription, Maui Jim can be enjoyed by almost anyone.
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BELLINGER is a Danish eyewear brand owned by founders Malene and Claus Bellinger Diederichsen – both designers by profession. Their partnership is based on the combining of opposites: the masculine and the feminine, colourful and eye-catching Mediterranean inspiration and Danish design, humour and seriousness, success and humbleness.

BELLINGER is spectacular designer eyewear for men and women with beautiful colours made in high quality acetate, metal and titanium materials. Exclusive products in innovative design for those who like to stand out.
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Freudenhaus is the house of optical joy and is the most versatile highend eyewear collection. The collection is designed for people who love glasses and reflects their different needs. from classic with a twist to "ueberstyle". whatever you like. Freudenhaus has the right fit for you.

The design language is inspired by German design values with a laid back easiness to create the ultimate glasses. simple but refined and consistantly cool, a stripped down minimalism paired with the highest technical standards, that is Freudenhaus.
Freudenhaus eyewear is more than a fashion accessory - it becomes a part of you. a very important part of you. in the middle of your face it becomes the focus of every hello, goodbye and I love you....
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Established in 1988, Chrome Hearts designer Richard Stark, a self proclaimed motorcycle enthusiast, began by producing leather riding gear for friends and their extended families. The company is an international luxury lifestyle company, integrating classic design with the highest standards for quality and craftsmanship. Products range from distinctive handmade jewelry in sterling silver, gemstones, platinum, and 22k gold; furniture made from exotic woods; and clothing made from the fines leathers and fabrics. His upscale collection of Chrome Hearts eyeglasses and sunglasses also feature the same high end elements and include signature motifs such as crosses,daggers and fleur-de-lis. 

In keeping with the Chrome Hearts tradition, the eyewear collection is, without a doubt, one of the most innovative collections in fashion eyewear ever released. Utilizing a diverse range of materials and inspired designs, this luxury eyewear collection must be seen and worn to be appreciated.

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LAFONT- it’s 4 generations in the optical business from 1923, with the opening of the first shop in Paris by Louis Lafont.

The LAFONT concept : combination of design and technique and using a large choice of colors and materials in order to create stylish frames.

Every new frame starts from a blank sheet, where inspiration and knowledge will combine. The sources of inspirations are multiple : art galleries, travel, deco expo, books, photos, etc… Each LAFONT frame is exclusive in its own design, pattern, and colours.

LAFONT won multiple awards worldwide, such as the best women eyewear of year in TOKYO in 2006, best sunglasses of the year in 2006 in Paris, or best kids eyewear of the year in 2000 and 2007 at the Silmo in Paris.
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TOM FORD eyewear and sunglasses are crafted by a company owned by one to the younger generation's more accomplished fashion designers. Ford's early development as a professional designer included positions with Perry Ellis, Gucci, and Yves Saint Laurent, serving as creative director for the latter two for ten years.

His company has only been in business since 2005, but the fame and notoriety his brand's fashion and accessories have garnered is most impressive. Ford has dressed men and women in opera houses as well as a number of hollywoods leading men on film. His company has 21 boutique retail shops in locations all over the world.

Suffice to say that Tom Ford knows how to dress women well, which is why Tom Ford sunglasses are a natural progression for the vendor's accessory line. The styles are deliciously feminine, with wide-rimmed acetate models exhibiting sophistication and a sense of luxury. Designed to be desired Tom Ford has produced sunglass models for both men and ladies .

Each Tom Ford eyewear model is finished by hand in Italy.
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Nike is the worlds largest athletic company. The Nike mission is to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world (* If you have a body you are an athlete). Nike's eyewear collection meets the needs of every athlete*, from the elite to the sport inspired. True to its mission, the Nike eyewear collection offers superior technology such as Nike's patented Max Optics and Engineered Tints, ventilation, secure wrap temples, and Flexon memory metal. Nike eyewear offers something for everyone.
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For fifteen years, Anne et Valentin has designed their frames in the spirit of a constant renewal of form and color. Mixing geometric cuts, brilliant colors and materials, a frame should not only reveal, flatter and compliment, but be your signature.  For the crafty, the serious, the self-confident and the free spirits: Anne et Valentin works to create noble and radical eyewear. Delighted to be yourself!
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Blac - the fabulous story…
Blac is a new innovative eyewear brand. Revolutionary designer eyewear for men made in carbon fibre and fibreglass with titanium strengthening. Blac is the world’s first adjustable carbon fibre frame. It is designed and handmade exclusively in Denmark by the renowned designer eyewear company BELLINGER A/S. The characteristics of carbon and fibreglass are its unique woven surface, an unusual lightness combined with great strength.
Every Blac frame is unique…
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Silhoutte Makes Seeing An Experience Without Boundaries

The feeling of relaxed freedom, independence and easiness for all your sensees are Silhouette's inspiration for innovation and revolution. Each and every day is dedicated to the new, the consistent intention to create the very best for spectacle wearers. We surmount the limits of the seemingly impossible and set benchmarks in the design of rimless eyewear. Each single Silhouette rimless eyewear is a showpiece - the pride and joy of its wearer and Silhoutte.
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The Reflection of a Woman’s Soul. Jee Vice, pronounced “G-Vice,” the premium optics collection is focused on the new designs of tomorrow and raises the limits for values among women of today. Jee Vice is about leading a fresh charge of empowerment for women across the world through their own eyes. Jee Vice infects women with the influence to love culture, bleed passion, embrace commitment, and elevate the limits of a new vision for the women of today.

Jee Vice prides itself on its exceptional quality and unique craftsmanship. Jee Vice’s sultry shades are sought after by
Hollywood’s elite who indulge themselves in haute designs only found in high fashion brands.
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TAG Heuer is known throughout the world as the benchmark for prestigious sports watch and chronographs. It launched “2002 Sports Vision”: the first luxury sports glasses. “Sport Vision” is an ergonomically designed line of prescription eyewear and sunglasses. Its avant-garde design inspires technology, and technology determines function.  
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Porsche Design Eyewear products are made from top quality materials and come in a unique design. Carefully selected materials, the latest technology, perfect engineering and highly comfortable. The right eyewear for every occasion.
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A team of 6 designers work full time in order to make of Kinto one of the most beautiful frames collections on the market. This brand combines a design for strong personalities with a sober, plain and subtle style. Looking nice on your face, the Kinto frames are comfortable, well designed and reflects the high quality of the Belgian manufacturing.
To date, Kinto offers the largest choice for fine faces and natural people on the market, both in model and colour.
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Clean Danish design is the basis of our products but we always add a twist of something surprising – something unexpected. We aim to balance classic and clean with bold and bright to continuously keep classic styles updated. The most important thing is always to create eyewear that dresses the face. The frame and the face must interact to obtain a beautiful and harmonic look. We never strive for creating a design object that demands all the attention but rather a piece of eyewear that completes and enhances the lines of the face

Like other Danish eyewear designers ProDesign works a lot with powerful effects and is fascinated by the way the right detail can completely change the look of a frame. To pick a certain effect, appoint it your characteristic feature and make it as powerful as possible without overdoing it. This can be a challenge when you also want to preserve the clean and simple lines of Danish Design. This is however what it is all about – challenging our creativity to create a perfect frame every time.

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The You’S collection is a fashion forward, beautifully coloured line which includes a broad range of stylish, colourful frames, with a choice of sizes and shapes to satisfy the needs of youngsters and seniors, men and women, big faces and small faces and everything in between. It features intricate metalwork, artistically painted temples and a youthful sensibility. The frames are designed in the Netherlands, where the tradition of Dutch design is carried on in the great attention to detail, practical solutions that assure comfort and wear ability, and outstanding quality at an affordable price.

The You’S campaign images highlight the possibilities for self-expression in the collection with the tag-line: Eyedentify yourself. Eyewear is evolving. What used to be a rather utilitarian item has now become a fashion statement. People pick their frames to tell the world something about who they are. The You’S collection is a response to that trend and the You’S tag line says it all in two words.
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From conception right through to manufacture, these frames are created in Jura, France, at the heart of a region where the French eyewear industry itself was born. Exalto frames are formed using handed skills to highly specialized craftsmen.

Pushing back the boundaries, exploring materials, inventing new processes, exalting detail…making the most of volume, purebred, incomparable style…EXALTO!

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La LOOP was invented in 1999 - out of necessity. How many times can one look for ones glasses? And wearing those granny leashes—not an option. Why can’t something be functional and stylish and well made? That was the question and La LOOP is the answer. The magical hinges on either side of the loop enable the glasses to stay in place when in the loop.
Museum stores and specialty boutiques around the world like Le Bon Marche in Paris, Isetan in Tokyo, Selfridges and Harrods in London and Optical Shops of Aspen in America have recognized La LOOP as an invention - a chic and  practical one.
La LOOPs have ended up on some of today’s biggest stars: Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, and Demi Moore.
La Loop