Passionate about vision
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Progressive Additional Lenses (PAL) Progressive lenses are also designed to counter presbyopia- a condition that usually develops around the age of 40, where one has difficulty focusing on near objects. They correct the effects of presbyopia with a gradual change of power from near to distance vision, restoring natural vision without the unsightly segmentation lines or image jump experienced with standard bifocals. Progressive lenses offer comfortable vision at all distances.

We now use digitally surfaced progressive lenses for all of our patients. This technology offers from 30-60% wider, brighter, and sharper field of view.  This makes progressive lenses much easier to adapt and enjoy than previous generation lenses. Many people who have tried progressives in the past and had to go back to bifocals have now adapted to the new digital progressive lenses. Ask us about the many different options available.

Varilux Ipseo New Edition - Our finest digital progressive lens takes customization to a whole new level and provides the very best in visual performance and comfort. Measurements of Head-to-Eye Movement ratio and 3-D digital frame measurements are captured with the Visioffice. They can adapt to all frame shapes- even the smallest frames on the market.